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Old Soumak
113 cm x 50 cm
Nr. 5752

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Geometric Old Soumak, light red with diamonds and stripes

Place of origin
Size113 cm x 50 cm (= 0.33 qm)
Manufacturinghand woven
MaterialWeft (tuft): wool
Warp: wool
Pile height5mm
Coloringlight red, light green
EditionSingle piece

Place of origin

The Soumaks (also Sumak, Sumac, Soumac, Sumakh, Sumach or Soumakh) are among the most famous flat-woven oriental rugs.

The name Soumak is said to go back to the East Caucasian town of Shemacha, from which, according to legends, the most graceful dancers of the Caucasus came. According to another theory, the name is derived from the spice sumac, which was used to dye wool a reddish color, among other uses. In Persia, the winding technique of the Soumak kilims is called peech baff or kayegh. The oldest known Soumak kilims were woven in the 7th century BC. This old Soumak is more than 40 years old and a true collector's item.


The abstract, geometric composition creates the simple elegance of this Soumak. The pattern flatters the design of the room and does not take the attention away from its furniture, decoration and architectural elements. It creates a pleasant atmosphere without dominating the style of the room.

The repeating elements in the center field of this Soumak rug have no specific center (so-called repeating pattern). The repeating pattern has a calming but not boring effect. Rugs with repeating patterns are also called patterned.

In the pattern of this Soumak, the diamonds stand out in particular. Diamonds are a rhombus standing on a point, the four equal sides of which may be jagged, stitched or hooked. The diamond is one of the oldest basic forms in oriental rugs. It has a symbolic meaning in the Islamic world: it symbolizes the immortality of the soul. It is therefore very often found as a filler motif.

The straight stripes of this Soumak organize and structure the pattern.
br /> The background of this Soumak is light red.


Soumaks are hand-woven and are made of warp and weft threads only. So they do not have a thick pile that is raised. The weft threads that form the pile of this soumak are made from wool. For the warp threads wool was used. In the so-called winding technique, which is used to produce soumaks, the protruding weft ends are not woven in and often hang loose on the back. Therefore, Soumaks can only be used on one side.

Eine Fotoaufnahme eines Soumak Teppichs.
Old Soumak
113 cm x 50 cm
Nr. 5752
Sale price1.990,00 €