205 cm x 153 cm
Nr. 266071

Place of origin
Kelim Pillows
Maße40 cm x 40 cm (= 0.16 qm)
Manufacturinghand woven
MaterialWeft (pile): wool (handspun, natural color)
EditionSingle piece

Each of our Kilim pillows is unique.

The front of the pillow cases consists of fragments of Turkish vintage kilims from the 1950s to 1970s.

The kilims were hand-woven from pure wool and some were decorated with simple embroidery after weaving. The virgin wool was dyed with vegetable dyes before weaving. The bright, natural colors and simple, geometric patterns of the Vintage Kilims are loved all over the world. But see for yourself.

The kilims were carefully selected by us and cleaned into pillows before further processing and - if necessary - carefully restored.

Some of our pillows have a brother or sister because we made several pillows from one kilim. If you are interested in an entire family, just write us a short message.

The back is made of 100% cotton and has a zipper. The fabric and the color of the back can vary or differ from the photo and is only used as an example.

The filling is not included.

The colors of this carpet change depending on which side it is viewed from. It depends on whether the light falls on the line or against the line of the pile. We have therefore taken pictures of this rug from different perspectives.
Kinder gehören in die Schule und nicht an den Knüpf- oder Webstuhl. Für uns ist es daher eine Selbstverständlichkeit, nur Teppiche, die unter fairen Bedingungen und ohne Kinderarbeit hergestellt wurden, anzubieten. Wir legen besonderen Wert auf menschenwürdige Arbeitsbedingungen und tolerieren keine Kinderarbeit bei unseren Produzenten.

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