220 cm x 159 cm
Nr. 18806


Triple, blue gray with stripes and Medaillon

Place of origin
Size220 cm x 159 cm (= 3.5 qm)
Manufacturinghand looped
MaterialFlor: wool and viscose
Weft & Warp: cotton
Pile height10mm
Coloringblue gray, off white
EditionSingle piece

Place of origin

Some parts of this rug were hand-woven, others were looped by hand. The use of these two very different techniques results in relief-like, slightly raised areas and a subtle pattern.

When designing this hand-woven rug, simplicity and minimalism were particularly important to us. The result is a modern, straightforward design that fits modern interiors perfectly. Despite its cool, simple design, this rug makes every room more cozy and comfortable.


The pattern, inspired by classical oriental embellishments, gives the impression that this hand-knotted rug has a long history. The pattern looks as if it has been washed out or faded and therefore almost abstract. In fact, this Triple is of course new and part of the latest generation of contemporary rug designs. It is a bridge between modern designs and interiors and classic oriental motifs. The pattern is subtle yet present.

Some areas of the design have a higher pile than other parts of this rug. The patterns of modern rugs tend to be simpler and more abstract. The play with different pile heights is new and has replaced more elaborate and bold patterns. As a result of the two-dimensional highlighting of the pattern, the rug does not look boring at all. This accentuation is extraordinary and has a unique effect.

The straight stripes of this Triple organize and structure the pattern.
br /> In the middle of the central field of this Triple is the symmetrical center, also called medallion. The design of the field is arranged in such a way that it gives the impression that the medallion is floating on the field.

The background of this Triple is blue gray.


The pile of this rug is made from high quality virgin wool threads. Some parts were hand-woven, other parts were hand-looped. The hand-woven parts consist only of warp and weft threads, so they do not have a thick raised pile. The hand-looped parts, on the other hand, have a dense, relatively high pile. Using an innovative process, virgin wool has been wound by hand around a carrier fabric of cotton. This method is much less labour-intensive than traditional knotting, which speeds up the production process and allows for lower prices. The quality and durability of hand-looped rugs is remarkable in relation to their price. However, looping does not allow for complicated patterns. That is why the rug is printed with modern patterns according to our specifications, after being woven and looped.

The colors of this carpet change depending on which side it is viewed from. It depends on whether the light falls on the line or against the line of the pile. We have therefore taken pictures of this rug from different perspectives.
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