Vintage Patchwork Rug
277 cm x 182 cm
Nr. 14545


Geometric Vintage Patchwork Rug, gray beige with patchwork

Size277 cm x 182 cm (= 5.04 qm)
Manufacturinghand knotted
MaterialFlor: wool
Weft & Warp: cotton
Pile height10mm
Coloringgray beige
EditionSingle piece

Place of origin

This Vintage Patchwork Rug has been assembled from pieces of various hand-knotted rugs. For this purpose, the good parts of used rugs were cut out and put together to form a new rug. The pieces have been carefully selected so that the pattern and colors harmonize. The seams between individual pieces are sturdy and the back of the rug is lined completely. This gives used rugs a second life with a more modern appearance. This Vintage Patchwork Rug thus meets the spirit of the times, since a partially worn out rug has become the raw material for new products. So-called upcycling is resource-friendly and therefore sustainable.


The abstract, geometric composition creates the simple elegance of this Vintage Patchwork Rug. The pattern flatters the design of the room and does not take the attention away from its furniture, decoration and architectural elements. It creates a pleasant atmosphere without dominating the style of the room.

The fact that this Vintage Patchwork Rug has been put together from pieces of different rugs, allows us to only make a guess at the original pattern of the rug. However, the classical, oriental ornaments visible in sections provide clues to the roots and the identity of the individual fragments with their respective history. The pattern appears washed out or faded in some places and thus almost abstract. It is subtle and yet present. Patchwork rugs build a bridge between modern designs and interiors and classical, oriental motifs.

The clear, abstract design of this contemporary rug appeals especially to people who love simple, modern interior design and architecture. The design idea for this rug comes from Europe. Without being bound to the rules of traditional rug patterns, it was developed with western art and interior design style in mind. This is not a completely new innovation. The roots of European rug design can be traced back to Art Deco rugs, which were produced between the late twenties and fifties following Western specifications.

The color of this [region of origin/design] ist gray beige.


The pile of this Vintage Patchwork Rug has been hand-knotted from high-quality virgin wool. Virgin wool is obtained through the gentle shearing of sheep. Virgin wool is a sustainable, natural raw material with a number of impressive properties; due to the wool's natural fat content, the surface repels water droplets and is thus naturally impervious to dirt. Wool also offers excellent thermal insulation, has a regulating effect on living climate and muffles sound. The weft and warp threads of this Vintage Patchwork Rug are made of cotton. This versatile material is tear-resistant and stretchable and, therefore, ideal for a durable backing fabric.

The colors of this carpet change depending on which side it is viewed from. It depends on whether the light falls on the line or against the line of the pile. We have therefore taken pictures of this rug from different perspectives.
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