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Alte & Antike Teppiche

Old & Antique Rugs

According to our definition, old rugs are between 40 and 99 years old. Antique rugs are at least 100 years old according to our definition.

n this category you will find our old and antique collector's items. Old and antique rugs are enjoying increasing popularity. They have outlasted generations and tell their own story.

The pictorial rugs from Kashan and Kerman illustrate the customs, life and clothing of Persia in the 18th and 19th century. The elegantly stylized interpretations of dragons, vases and lotus flowers in Chinese rugs are rich in symbolism. The geometry and the colors of old and antique Caucasian rugs bear a remarkable similarity to contemporary paintings and furniture. The rugs of the Safavid period are still the example and inspiration for classic but also modern oriental rugs today.