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The next generation

For over 40 years our father, Ebrahim Zomorrodi, has been the expert in hand-knotted rugs in North Rhine-Westphalia, and now, little by little the next generation is taking over the reins.

We are opening our second Branch


On 3 floors and approximaltely 200 sqm we are offering a huge and well curated selection of modern and classic handmade rugs.


the team is complete.

In 1993 Philipp Zomorrodi was born and learnt to walk at Am Wehrhahn 53- where we had our other shop for 25 years. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Rug cleaning & washing

Rugs are everyday items, on which life leaves its traces. We clean your rugs gently and entirely by hand. We also achieve excellent results with antique rugs that have become very dirty over the years. Even stubborn stains, such as red wine, coffee or urine, are almost always removed without leaving any residue, even from silk rugs.
How does this work?

Repair & Restoration

A good rug lasts for generations. If your rug is damaged or dirty, has holes, loose fringes or worn out areas, or discoloration, we will repair and restore it.
How much will that cost?

What we care about:


Oriental rugs are made to last forever, or, at least, for several generations. Even a used rug continues to serve its purpose for decades. So, you don’t always have to buy a brand-new rug, especially since the charm of an old used oriental rug is unique. Buying a used rug is sustainable, because no new wool has to be produced and dyed, and a new rug does not have to be knotted and transported halfway around the world. But there have been innovations in the production of new rugs. These new techniques make it possible to produce rugs in an environmentally friendly way. We support new developments and have, for example, produced rugs from recycled PET bottles. Upcycling could not be any more beautiful.
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What's important to us

An educated decision

For many people, it is out of the question to buy a rug online. Rugs must be handled and tried at home. It is true that the Internet cannot replace trying a rug at home. Therefore, if you order from us online, you can try our rugs at home for 14 days. On the other hand, the Internet also offers a unique opportunity. We want our customers to be able to make an informed decision. Therefore, we offer comprehensive information on every rug and its maintenance routine. We give you advice on living with hand-knotted rugs, and if requested, offer personal consultation.

What's important to us:


Rug dealers have a worse reputation than mattress dealers and insurance agents combined. Constant door-to-door sales are annoying and prompt skepticism. We want to win back trust and sell rugs honorably. We do not offer sky-high prices and fancy discounts, but fair and transparent prices from the get-go.
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What do I need to take into account when buying a rug?

You don't buy a rug every day. But there is no need to worry: we have developed a guide to help you make the right decision.

Here you can find help.