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Interior Decoration

We have been advising our customers on how to furnish their place for over 40 years. We have an intuitive aesthetic sense that sets us apart from architects and interior designers.

You would like to transform your place and are looking for suggestions?

We strive for a high degree of individuality to give your place a bit of personality. When developing harmonious color and material concepts, we never lose sight of the assortment of strong, durable and timeless materials. In this way, we combine aesthetics and function and create new worlds and rooms of timeless elegance.

We explore the possibilities that your space and budget offer. Together with you, we develop design and furnishing concepts that live up to your expectations: modern, timeless, classic, simple, luxurious, modest, relaxing, colorful, cool, chic, vintage, new, practical, cozy.

You can also send us design ideas from the internet or current pictures of your place. Together, we can certainly find the right rug and maybe even the right furniture!