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In 1979 , our father, Ebrahim Zomorrodi, founded a gallery for the trade and manufacture of hand-knotted oriental rugs in Dusseldorf.

As children, we used to drive our father crazy by daringly leaping from one stack of rugs to the other. The patterns on Persian rugs were like winding highways for our toy cars.

After our studies, we were drawn back to the rug stacks and the hypnotic patterns of the rugs. We, Philipp and Maurice Zomorrodi, would like to share our enthusiasm for rugs with you. We aim to combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary standards and designs.

We are slowly following in our father's footsteps. Our goal is to preserve and improve our rug gallery in a tradition-conscious manner in this digital age. Together, we would like to express our fascination with rugs.