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How much is my rug worth?

A question we are asked almost daily is: How much is my rug worth?

In fact, this question hardly has a definite answer. For example, a 2mx3m 19th-century Tabriz rug can be worth between € 1,000 or € 100,000. This depends very much on the individual characteristics of the rug (pattern, material, origin and history), but especially on the current zeitgeist.

The following criteria determine the price:

  • Material
  • Number of knots per square meter
  • Size
  • Age
  • Condition

Today, rugs are generally perceived as a purely decorative piece of furniture. The number of knots and the material have slipped into the background. The most important criterion is the aesthetic value of the rug. Tastes and furnishing styles are constantly changing and so are the price of rugs, which depends greatly on supply and demand. We try to make the prices fair and transparent within this framework.