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Rug Repair & Restoration

A genuine hand-knotted oriental rug can be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Unique pieces made from high-quality materials and with appropriate origins often become even more valuable over the years. It is not uncommon for beautiful pieces to be passed on for several generations.

Zwei Hände, die die Fransen eines Perserteppichs reparieren

But these beloved rugs are also utilitarian objects and wear daily use, heavy use, moth infestation, sunlight, fire, or even water will damage your rugs in the long run.

When your beloved rug, on which many beautiful memories hang, is damaged, it is particularly painful. But don't worry! Thanks to our many years of experience in rug restoration, we can repair a vast majority of damages to your rugs, in a way that they are undetectable, in our workshop in Dusseldorf.


The cost of repairing your rug depends largely on the amount of work involved. To make our calculations transparent for you, we have listed some of our standard services here.

Price per running meter
Knotting or linking of fringes 50 €
Filling or replacing fringes (wool) 100 €
Filling or replacing fringes (silk)
200 €
Selvedge replacement and finishing (wool)
Selvedge replacement and finishing (silk)
100 €
Mending holes and cracks in the rug, fixing discoloration, stretching, stain removal, etc.
after examination

Please contact us, so that we can give you a quote!


Rugs are particularly susceptible to the following damages:

  • wear and tear - due to walking and vacuuming with beater vacuum cleaners
  • damage - by moths and other insects
  • Stains - from food or drinks
  • Burns - from cigarettes or fireplaces
  • Water damage - due to leaks from sanitary equipment or potted plants

Ein Foto eines handgeknüpften Teppichs mit defekten Fransen.


Has your oriental rug faded due to exposure to extreme light and developed unsightly and irregular blotches? We will be happy to help you with that as well. Faded patches will be carefully dyed with the right color, so that your rug shines with a renewed splendor.


If there is a leaking flowerpot on your rug, water will seep into the rug and cause the wet area to rot over time. If a rug is dried out, it means it is rotten. So, this area must be completely removed and rewoven or re-knotted. To do this, the foundation (weft and warp) must first be rebuilt.

Damage caused by leaks can affect the entire rug, as well. If a rug is left in water for a long time, some colors may start to run.

Since wool absorbs water, the rug must be spread open and dried as soon as possible. Long-term damage can only be assessed, when the rug is completely dry.


We offer pick-up and delivery services in NRW, so that you can use our repair and restoration services, regardless of the size of your rug. Depending on the exact place of your residence, this service is either free of charge, or for an additional fee.

Outside of NRW we work with shipping companies, who pick up your rugs from your place for a fee and bring them back to you, after the restoration is finished.

To be able to assess all damages correctly and make sure that the true colors of the rug are perceptible, a wash is recommended before restoration. We discuss the necessary repairs and their process with you, and gladly give you a non-binding cost estimate. After a successful rug restoration, you can enjoy your work of art for a much longer time.


All damages to the textile (holes, tears, and damaged edges or ends) must be repaired as soon as possible to prevent them from getting bigger and needing more extensive and expensive repairs.

Have the damage to your hand-knotted oriental rug repaired as soon as possible. You must check whether your rug shows signs of unraveling or wear. If it is not repaired in time, it will continue to wear out even more. Over time, worn areas become real holes or cracks, and the rug may unravel or even rip at the ends.

Ein Foto von einer Werkstatt in der Teppiche repariert werden.


We are fortunate to have several experienced restorers in our team, who can restore your rugs professionally with skill and expertise; from simple linking, to the renewal of fringes and selvedges, to detailed re-knotting of holes or filling worn areas with wool, complicated repairs are a welcome challenge to us.


  • Renewal of missing or worn fringes and selvedges
  • Filling in missing or damaged areas, e.g. due to water or fire damage
  • Decolorization as well as re-coloring
  • Stain removal (red wine, coffee, urine, etc.)
  • Size adjustment

Die Fransen eines Perserteppichs werden von Hand beschnitten und repariert.

Every rug repair job is unique. We take care to preserve the originality of your hand-knotted rug.

To do this, we have access to countless types of wool and thousands of original colors. A work of art should be entrusted only to professionals.

Ein Foto von verschiedenen Wollqualitäten in verschiedenen Farben.


Basically, it is possible to save every rug. Thanks to our experience in rug repairs, we can repair most damages to your rugs in a way that they are no longer visible. Some rugs need only their fringes fixed, or the selvedges renewed. However, we can also rebuild the foundation (weft & warp), fill entire holes or cracks by re-knotting the affected areas, re-knot fringes, and repair worn areas.

Often, however, repairing is a question of proportionality. With the value of the rug in mind, the costs are sometimes not in proportion to the benefits. Please send us a photo of your rug, and we will tell you how much a repair would cost, and if it is worth it.

Please contact us so that we can give you a cost estimate!