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Carpet trade against child labor

Children belong in school and not at the loom or loom. It is therefore a matter of course for us to only offer rugs that have been manufactured under fair conditions and without child labor. We attach particular importance to good working conditions and do not tolerate child labor at our producers.

We are proud to be a member of the Care & Fair aid campaign against child labour.

The industry-related aid campaign CARE & FAIR - carpet trade against child labor was founded in 1994. The initiative has set itself the task of combating the excesses of illegal child labor in the weaving countries and at the same time improving the overall situation of the carpet weavers and their families in the weaving regions of India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Our goals:

  • Abolition of illegal child labor in India and Pakistan.
  • Creating improved living conditions for weaver families.
  • Socially acceptable production. We only accept goods that have been manufactured under fair conditions. In doing so, we want to make the producers understand, in partnership, that taking on social responsibility serves the well-being of all.

We are currently supporting 10 schools, 6 adult education institutions and 3 day clinics in India and Pakistan with Care & Fair.