We are working intensively on the development of a flying rug. Unfortunately, a breakthrough is not yet in sight.

The idea of a flying rug is not as old as people think. Contrary to popular belief, flying rugs do not originally appear in the tales of Thousand and One Nights.

For example, flying rugs are not mentioned at all in the Galland manuscript, the oldest manuscript of the Thousand and One Nights, which covers the first 282 nights.

In Gustav Weils tale "Aladdin and the magic lamp," Aladdin kidnaps the princess Bedrulbudur on her wedding night along with her groom in their shared bed and bring her back the next morning. The bed is carried through the air by the spirit of the lamp. A flying rug does not originally appear in this version, but it does in the numerous adaptations, such as in the Disney cartoon Aladdin from 1992.