Jean-Leon Gerome, The Carpet Merchant, 1887

Rug dealers make more clearance sales than mattress dealers. The pricing policy is opaque and highly frivolous. We consider this sham to be outdated and believe in transparent and fair prices. So we do not offer dizzying discounts and a bazaar-like atmosphere. Instead, we offer fair prices without haggling. We calculate our prices per square meter and allow you to compare prices with other retailers.

The prices per square meter are for new rugs in our collection:

Kilim Trappatoni Ziegler Designer Mamlouk Berber Custom-made
400 € 200 € 500 € 400 € 500 € 200€ 1.000 €

For used rugs we apply the following square meter prices:

Vintage Antique
Used 280 € 500 €
Restored 500 € 1000 €
In mint condition 600 € 1100 €