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Furnishing one's place is a delight, and hardly any object completes a room like a rug. Then again, purchasing a hand-knotted rug is generally not fun. It is flooded by uncertainty and the feeling of being ripped off. Reaching a decision is difficult, and the fact that there is a lack of serious information and offers, does not make it any easier.

That is why we have developed a guide, that makes the purchase of hand-knotted Persian rugs easier and prepares you for a long life with a rug.

Idea by Alina Oleynik from the Noun Project


What should I pay attention to prior to purchase?





rug beater by emilegraphics from the Noun Project


How do I maintain my rug?





Created by Alex Coven from Noun Project



Are flying rugs real?




We will be happy to advise you personally at any time. You can send us an e-mail or call us (0211-8282882). Please also send us photos of your interior, so that we can help you with your decision.