Old Kashan
205 cm x 136 cm
Nr. 14040


Floral Old Kashan, light red with border, garden of paradise pattern and motiv

Place of origin
Size205 cm x 136 cm (= 2.79 qm)
Manufacturinghand knotted
MaterialFlor: wool
Weft & Warp: cotton
Pile height4mm
Year of manufacture1940
Coloringlight red, dark blue
EditionSingle piece

Place of origin

The central Persian city of Keshan (also Kashan) lies between the slopes of the Zagros Mountains and the Persian desert areas. Due to its climate and the caravans that passed through the country, it was, at least until the Safavids moved their seat of government to Isfahan, a flourishing metropolis known especially for its fabric and rug production. Even today it is still influenced by the elegance and splendor of that era. The Kashan rugs are artistic textile products made according to ancient traditions. The production in Kashan took place traditionally in the houses of the weavers. The pile is typically knotted from extremely soft wool and is, therefore, particularly dense and compact. This old Kashan is more than 40 years old and a true collector's item.


The garden of paradise design is a stylized representation of a traditional Persian garden. The Greek word "paradeisos" comes from the Middle Persian word "pardēs". Originally the word referred to the Persian royal gardens and only in the biblical context did it acquire the connotation of the garden of God. These fertile and artistic royal gardens were home to various exotic plants and animals. They are surrounded by a wall, symbolic of the separation between heaven and earth. Gardens of paradise are places of worship and status symbols. Traditional Persian gardens were rectangular, with a river or body of water running from north to south and from east to west, forming a cross that divides the garden into four sections. Covered pavilions or structures and elevated walkways to view the garden from above were common, as were fountains and waterfalls symbolising eternal life. In rugs with a paradise garden motif such as this one the representation of water, which is extremely precious in arid areas, plays a prominent role.

The background of this Kashan is light red. The border is dark blue.


You are not the first to appreciate this Kashan. It has had owners before you who have cherished and used it. It was hand knotted about 1940. We have cleaned it thoroughly and restored it lovingly. Therefore it is in very good condition despite its age.


The pile of this Kashan has been hand-knotted from high-quality virgin wool. Virgin wool is obtained through the gentle shearing of sheep. Virgin wool is a sustainable, natural raw material with a number of impressive properties; due to the wool's natural fat content, the surface repels water droplets and is thus naturally impervious to dirt. Wool also offers excellent thermal insulation, has a regulating effect on living climate and muffles sound. The weft and warp threads of this Kashan are made of cotton. This versatile material is tear-resistant and stretchable and, therefore, ideal for a durable backing fabric.

The colors of this carpet change depending on which side it is viewed from. It depends on whether the light falls on the line or against the line of the pile. We have therefore taken pictures of this rug from different perspectives.
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