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Bukhara | 339cm x 246cm | No. 13240

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Geometric Bukhara, dark red with border

Place of origin
Size339 cm x 246 cm (= 8.34 qm)
Manufacturinghand knotted
MaterialFlor: wool
Weft & Warp: cotton
Pile height11mm
Coloringdark red, light brown
EditionSingle piece

Place of origin

This dreamy rug with a typical Buchara pattern was knotted in Pakistan. Bukhara ( sometimes also Bokhara) is an oasis city in Uzbekistan, which is located along the former Silk Road. Although no rugs were knotted in Bukhara itself, the city gave its name to many oriental rugs because they were traditionally exported to the West from Bukhara. However, these rugs were traditionally knotted by various Turkmen tribes, especially in the Caucasus, Persia and Afghanistan.

Because Bukhara rugs are among the finest and most popular Central Asian rugs, their patterns have inspired Pakistani weavers. As a result, this rug with a typical Uzbek Bukhara pattern is knotted in Pakistan.


The edge of the rug is decorated with an edging (border). The border forms a excellent contrast to the center.

The abstract, geometric composition creates the simple elegance of this Bukhara. The pattern flatters the design of the room and does not take the attention away from its furniture, decoration and architectural elements. It blends in fantastically with any surroundings and subtly complements the interior design of a room..

The repeating elements in the center field of this Bukhara rug have no specific center (so-called repeating pattern). The repeating pattern has a calming but not boring effect. Rugs with repeating patterns are also called patterned.

The background of this Bukhara is dark red. The border is light brown.


The pile of this Bukhara has been hand-knotted from high-quality virgin wool. Virgin wool is obtained through the gentle shearing of sheep. Virgin wool is a sustainable, natural raw material with a number of impressive properties; due to the wool's natural fat content, the surface repels water droplets and is thus naturally impervious to dirt. Wool also offers excellent thermal insulation, has a regulating effect on living climate and muffles sound. The weft and warp threads of this Bukhara are made of cotton. This versatile material is tear-resistant and stretchable and, therefore, ideal for a durable backing fabric.

Eine Fotoaufnahme eines Buchara Teppichs.
Bukhara | 339cm x 246cm | No. 13240 Sale price1.990,00 € Regular price2.800,00 €