218 cm x 134 cm
Nr. 17552

€1,379 €1,720

Floral Ghom, dark red with border

Place of origin
Size218 cm x 134 cm (= 2.92 qm)
Manufacturinghand knotted
MaterialTuft: wool with pure silk
Weft: cotton
Warp: pure silk
Pile height5mm
Year of manufacture1970
Coloringdark red, light blue
EditionSingle piece

Place of origin

Ghom is a relatively recent place of origin for Persian rugs. The city Ghom (also Gom, Ghoum, Goum) is located in the center of Iran, about 100 km south of the capital city of Tehran. Since building on an old tradition of rug-making was not an option in Ghom, patterns were and are adopted from other areas. With time, however, a unique style has emerged from this. The silk rugs from Ghom are among the most famous and highest quality rugs in the world today. The panel of Ghom rugs often has a light background and is decorated with finely drawn medallion patterns or continuous boteh or vase patterns.


The luxuriant flower motifs of this Ghom are elegant and varied. The graceful vegetative symbols representing flowers, leaves and branches are artfully intertwined.

The embellished edging (border) forms a beautiful contrast to the center and creates a transition at the edge of the rug.

The background of this Ghom is light blue. The colors dark red and light blue dominate the overall impression. The border features dark red, dark blue and olive green.


This Ghom has a story. It was hand knotted about 1970. It has been thoroughly cleaned and only partially restored condition but is in good condition. We have not completely restored this Ghom because we think it is as it is effect. If you would like, we will of course restore the rug further for you. We can restore almost any rug to an almost perfect condition.


The pile of this Ghom has been hand-knotted from high-quality virgin wool. Virgin wool is obtained by the gentle shearing of sheep. The pattern has been finished with pure silk, so that the colors of the pattern of this Ghom, depending on lighting, shine in different nuances. Virgin wool is a sustainable natural raw material with a number of impressive properties; due to the wool's natural fat content, the surface repels water droplets and is thus naturally protected against dirt. In addition, wool offers excellent thermal insulation, has a regulating effect on indoor climate and muffles sound. Silk is obtained manually from the cocoons of the silk moth. Since individual silk threads are extremely long, it is possible to produce very thin yarns, which are nevertheless tear-resistant under low tension. With this thin yarn, smaller rug knots can be knotted, thus allowing finer patterns to be created. Therefore, the finest rugs in the world are hand-knotted made of pure silk. The weft threads of this cotton consist of [Material Schuss]. For the warp threads pure silk was used.

The colors of this carpet change depending on which side it is viewed from. It depends on whether the light falls on the line or against the line of the pile. We have therefore taken pictures of this rug from different perspectives.
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