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Hereke made of pure silk mit Goldfäden
90 cm x 60 cm
Nr. 16306

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Floral Hereke made of pure silk mit Goldfäden, yellow beige with border and signature

Place of origin
Size90 cm x 60 cm (= 0.54 qm)
Manufacturinghand knotted
MaterialFlor: pure silk with gold threads
Weft & Warp: pure silk
Pile height3mm
Year of manufacture1990
Coloringyellow beige, dark red
EditionSingle piece

Place of origin

Very valuable silk rugs originate from the Turkish city of Hereke. The tradition was promoted by the art-loving Sultan Abd-ul-Medjid (reigned 1839 - 1861). In 1844, he had the court knotting workshops moved from Cairo back to Hereke. Hand-knotted Hereke silk rugs are among the finest rugs in the world and are knotted with a density of up to 6 million knots per square meter. Thanks to the knotting technique, the pattern is just as clearly visible on the back as on the front. Antique Turkish rugs fetch top prices in renowned art auction houses.

Typical motifs of the Hereke rugs include flowers, twigs and leaves, as well as birds, the tree of life and the so-called Mehrab or Mihrab pattern, a prayer niche depicted together with oil lamps. Besides traditional motifs and typical Ottoman or Turkish patterns, Hereke silk rugs are today knotted with more modern patterns to suit contemporary tastes. The characteristic colors of Hereke silk rugs are deep dark blue, bright red, vivid green, bright yellow and various natural tones in all nuances. The pattern of this noble Hereke is accentuated through the use of gold threads. The gold threads create a shimmering, glossy contrast and let the colors shine in warm nuances, depending on lighting. The fine gold threads are not only precious but also extremely difficult to work with and underline the craftsmanship of the knotters.


The luxuriant flower motifs of this Hereke are elegant and varied. The graceful vegetative symbols representing flowers, leaves and branches are artfully intertwined.

This Hereke is decorated with the so-called Mehrab or Mihrab motif. Mehrab refers to the Islamic prayer niche in mosques, which shows the direction of prayer qibla, i.e. the direction of Mecca. Traditionally, rugs with the Mehrab motif are used by Muslims for prayer and are therefore particularly treasured.

The embellished edging (border) forms a excellent contrast to the center and creates a transition at the edge of the rug.

A special highlight of this Hereke is its signature. The signature documents the production in one of the most renowned weaving workshops in Hereke. The signature in Arabic characters is an expression of the individuality and noble origin of this rug.

The background of this Hereke is yellow beige. The border features dark red and yellow beige.


This Hereke has a story. It was hand knotted about 1990. We have cleaned it thoroughly and restored it lovingly. Therefore it is in very good condition despite its age.


The silk of the pile of this Hereke lets the colors of the pattern shine in different facets depending on lighting. It makes this Hereke a real highlight and creates a cozy, yet very elegant and high-quality atmosphere in the room. Silk is extracted from the cocoons of the silk moth by hand. Since individual silk threads are extremely long, they allow for the production of very thin yarns that are nevertheless tear-resistant at low tension. Smaller rug knots can be knotted with the thin yarn, which makes it possible to create finer patterns. Therefore, the finest rugs in the world are hand-knotted made of pure silk.

Furthermore, the pattern of this exquisite Hereke has been accented by the use of gold threads. The gold threads create a shimmering, shiny contrast. The fine gold threads are not only precious, but also extremely difficult to work with and demonstrate the skill of the weavers. In this Hereke even the background is made of pure silk. Due to the thin but durable material of the weft and warp threads, a particularly fine knotting and, therefore, a particularly fine pattern is feasible.

Eine Fotoaufnahme eines Hereke Teppichs.
Hereke made of pure silk mit Goldfäden
90 cm x 60 cm
Nr. 16306
Sale price2.490,00 € Regular price3.300,00 €