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Lori Royal | 244cm x 170cm | No. 281966

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Geometric Lori Royal, beige with stripes

Place of origin
Size244 cm x 170 cm (= 4.15 qm)
Manufacturinghand knotted
MaterialFlor: wool (handspun, natural color)
Weft & Warp: cotton
Pile height15mm
Coloringbeige, light green
EditionSingle piece

Place of origin

Lori rugs are a finer variant of the Gabbeh, knotted by the Lurs, a tribe in southwest Persia (also known as Loristan). They are also known as Loribaft. The suffix "baft" stands for "knotted". Literally, Loribaft means Lurs knot.

Lori rugs have colorful imaginative geometric patterns. Today modern Lori usually have plain and monochromatic designs. Loris usually have a color scheme of natural cream, brown and grey tones. However, there are also loris in vivid yellow, red or blue. Even today, traditional stylized and geometric motifs inspired by the everyday life of the nomads, such as goats, camels, dogs, plants or people, can still be found in the patterns of Lori rugs. The geometric pattern and the jovial colors create a pleasant, warm living atmosphere.

The pattern of this rug is decorated with horizontal stripes and color gradients in earthy tones from rust-red to yellow. The pattern is reminiscent of the typical stripe design of the Italian fashion company Missoni.


The abstract, geometric composition creates the simple elegance of this Lori Royal. The pattern flatters the design of the room and does not take the attention away from its furniture, decoration and architectural elements. It blends in fantastically with any surroundings and subtly complements the interior design of a room..

The repeating elements in the center field of this Lori Royal rug have no specific center (so-called repeating pattern). The repeating pattern has a calming but not boring effect. Rugs with repeating patterns are also called patterned.

The straight stripes of this Lori Royal organize and structure the pattern.
br /> The background of this Lori Royal is beige.


This particularly fine, hand-knotted Lori has an unusually dense pile and a flat surface that is not as grainy as Gabbeh or other Lori rugs. The wool used in the pile of Lori rugs is particularly high quality and fatty. They are extremely comfortable and durable. Traditionally, Lori rugs, just like the Gabbeh, were used for sleeping. They invite you to sit and fiddle around in the living room, but are also very suitable for hallways and dining areas.

The warp and weft yarns of Lori rugs are traditionally made of virgin wool, dyed with natural dyes and hand-spun. The handspun wool gives Loris their soft surface. Handspun wool is always somewhat irregular. During dyeing, natural dyes are absorbed differently. The rug appears more lively, due to the so-called color jumps (abrash), i.e. light-dark color shades. The color changes of the pile yarn always run across the length of the Lori Royal and make the rug impervious to soiling. The weft and warp threads of this Lori Royal are made of cotton. This versatile material is tear-resistant and stretchable and, therefore, ideal for a durable backing fabric.

Eine Fotoaufnahme eines Lori Royal Teppichs.
Lori Royal | 244cm x 170cm | No. 281966 Sale price1.790,00 € Regular price2.000,00 €