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New Teheran | 136 cm x 75 cm | Nr. 19816

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Floral New Tehran, beige

Dimensions 136 cm x 75 cm (= 1.02 sqm)
manufacturing hand knotted
material Pile: wool & viscose
Weft & warp: cotton
knots/m2 160,000
pile height 10mm
Condition new
Color Beige, light green
edition single piece


Contemporary aesthetic meets oriental tradition we chose this one New Tehran carpet from the traditional pattern of Persian Sarough carpets get inspired.

Sarough is one of the best-known carpet-knotting areas in Iran. They are famous Saroughs for her floral Sultanabad designs. The delicate tendrils seem to branch out endlessly and are only tamed by the surrounding border.

We have edited the traditional pattern templates and, in particular, completely rearranged the color scheme. The result is a fusion of traditional, oriental carpet design and modern European aesthetics. We try with ours New Tehran carpets to serve the trends of European interior design and playfully deal with the specifications of traditional carpet weaving.


The lush floral motifs of this New Tehran are elegant and varied in design. The graceful vegetative symbols depicting blossoms, leaves and branches are artfully intertwined.

The repeating elements of this New Tehran rug have no specific center. The recurring repeat pattern is calming but not boring. carpets with repeat pattern are also referred to as patterned.

The edge of this carpet is decorated with a implied border.

Individual areas of the pattern have a higher pile than the other parts of this rug. The patterns of modern carpets tend to be simpler and more abstract. The Play with different pile heights is new and has replaced more elaborate and obtrusive patterns. Due to the fact that parts of the pattern have been highlighted two-dimensionally, the carpet does not appear boring at all. The accentuation is extraordinary and has a unique effect.

The background of this New Tehran is beige. The edge is designed in the colors beige and light green.


The pile of this New Tehran is made from a durable blend of Wool and viscose. Viscose, also known as viscose, acetate silk or rayon, is basically made from the natural product cellulose, i.e. from the raw material wood. In India, the cellulose mass is obtained from bamboo. In a complex process, the pulpy cellulose is drawn into a continuous textile yarn. That is why viscose is also referred to as continuous filament yarn. Because of the silky sheen of the yarn, the viscose made from bamboo is also called "Bamboo Silk". The colloquial term "artificial silk" is not permitted under the Textile Labeling Act TKG. The weft and warp threads of this New Tehran are made of Cotton. The versatile material is tear-resistant and stretchy and therefore particularly suitable for a hard-wearing base fabric.

Eine Fotoaufnahme eines New Teheran Teppichs.
New Teheran | 136 cm x 75 cm | Nr. 19816 Sale price519,00 €